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About FAC group

Who we are

FAC Industrial Group Co., Ltd is a group of company focusing on researching producing and marketing of industrial boiler and all kinds of enzymes for industrial use.

FAC group start from a boiler manufacturer since 1998 in Liaoning province, mainly manufacture SZL, DZL, WNS boiler, take the top 1 place in the market of Chinese northern provinces. We have joint venture R&D center with professor Lizhiguang’s team who is the leading team in boiler area in China. Had improved boiler efficiency, boiler structure to a new level, developed a new boiler type ZLL, that can ensure boiler efficiency more than 86%, and serving life can easily more than 20 years, mean while with lower cost compare with SZL and DZL.

After controlling the market of boiler, according to the feedback from marketing team from various industries. We start the business of additives for different industries, initially focusing on trading then in 2004 our group bought a factory producing enzymes, with R&D research, we now producing enzymes for Textile, paper production, alcohol production.

In 2017, establish FAC industrial Group Co., Ltd as top management company, all domestic and international sales transfer to FAC Group.